Work From Home (again)

Was still on the fence early in the week as to whether to move back with my parents amid the increasing severity of the pandemic in my new home’s neighborhood. Decision was made for me on Wednesday as a confirmed COVID-19 case was reported in my building and my family unequivocally wanted me to move out. I reluctantly packed and moved out of the new home I stayed for just about a month.

Worried that I might increase the risk of my colleague being infected, I went back to the studio after she left on Wednesday to finish off some work and packed up some stuff to work from home.

On Thursday, I spent much of my time dusting off my old home office. While I was at it, I decided to finally give my old computer a thorough cleanup by resetting it to factory default and installing the latest OS on it. It took more than a day, but it feels good make it functional and productive again without having spent a penny. With 5 consecutive days of over 100 COVID-19 cases reported, it looks like I’ll be mostly working from home for at least a couple of weeks.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone!! 🙏🏻

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