3rd Wave

Just when I was about to restart life from the second half of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly got worse and a bit out of control, this came after 21 days of zero local infected cases! What happened?!

After attending church last week for the first time since CNY, Sunday worship returned to online this week, and fellowship will follow suit next week.

Maybe I’ve jinxed it, or maybe God is giving me some extra time to prepare and equip myself for the work ahead? I could actually use the extra time to do more R&D and prototyping. My home (both old and new) can also use the extra time for more cleaning. I also need to catch up on my Inktober52 cartoons (lagging 4 or 5 prompts) and my daily devotions (about 3 weeks behind). There’s also a deTour proposal I want to try out for the first time. Sounds like I wouldn’t have any problem keeping myself busy while social-distancing for the rest of July!

Oh God, please continue to keep me and my family safe and healthy amidst the worsening pandemic. Let us be patient with Your salvation. 🙏🏻

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