Boarding School Begins Again

Met up with some good old friends for lunch and exhibition seeing in TST. Last time we met was already back in Jan.! Good to be socializing again after nearly half a year of social distancing.

After parting my friends, I took a stroll alone in TST reminiscing the days when I used to go to boarding school in P.1-2. Back in the days, my family usually went for dim sum at the same restaurant in TST on Sundays. After lunch, my parents would usually stay for mahjong while one of my sisters would take me for a ferry ride to Central where I would take the school bus to Stanley for a week of boarding school. Occasionally, my family would visit me at school during opening hours on Wednesday. But usually I would only see my family again when I go home on Friday evening. Everything would repeat again on Sunday.

Finally moved to my new place tonight after dinner at home with my parents. I told them this is just like boarding school all over again. They used to tell friends how they sobbed in the van while seeing me off on the first day of boarding school, and I would go off immediately making new friends and playing with them. I don’t know if my parents would sob seeing me off tonight, but I’m actually sobbing now while writing this post.

Oh Lord, please take care of my parents while I’m away. Help them understand somehow that I’m in Your good hands, just like the time in boarding school when I first got to know You and started praying to You. 🙏🏻

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