100 Days

With 14 days of no COVID-19 confirmed cases locally, and over 100 days of social distancing and masking measures, our city seems to have fended off the pandemic relatively successfully.

We’re now seemingly entering a new stage of transitioning back to normal life. But is that even possible? The pandemic has killed lives and closed down businesses that will never resurrect again. Besides, there must be lessons that we have learnt during this long period of isolation and are eagerly waiting to make changes in the post-pandemic era. Change will be inevitable, but hopefully for the better. I’m actually looking forward to a new life beyond this crazy pandemic, would be a nice change if I can at least leave home without worrying about putting on a mask.

I’ve kickstarted my transition this past week by initiating the planned mass cleanup of the studio. The minor renovation at my new home is also near completion. I also dined out a couple of times, but it felt strange seeing the separating devices and tables either blocked off or having no more than 4 people at restaurants. My temporary schedule of working from home on MWF will also come to an end this week, that means less guilty pleasures of playing with plastic models and cartooning. Weekly calligraphy class is also confirmed to resume. I feel a bit like a kid readying myself for back-to-school after summer vacation.

Oh Lord, thank you for helping our city and its people in this long battle against COVID-19. Pls continue to save us (and the rest of the world) till the end of the pandemic. 🙏🏻

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