Art for Earth

Took a week-long creative detour to participate in WWF’s Art for Earth campaign. It was the week of Earth Day 50th Anniversary, the campaign encourages artists to create and share a piece of art daily based on each day’s prompt. I took the opportunity to continue my weekly cartooning Inktober52 story. It’s a lot more tiring to do one (sometimes two) cartoon panels each day, but it was a rewarding exercise to train the creative muscles.

The number of local confirmed COVID19 cases had been staying low in single digits (actually 0 cases for three days) the past week. Seems like we’re finally seeing a glimpse of light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel. I’ve resumed renovating my new place again, plan to have it ready for move-in before June. My weekly calligraphy class is also set to resume in May. This coming week will likely be my last week of working-from-home on alternate days. Life should slowly return to normal in May.

I’m planning to make May the month of cleanup. While preparing the new place for move in, I also plan to do some big cleanups in the studio and my old place. Hope to have things ready for life to restart in June.

Oh Lord, pls continue to help us through this pandemic, be merciful to the uncountable souls lost, comfort those who had lost their loved ones, and heal those who are sick. May you continue to grant good health to the frontline medics and everyone who have been working so that we may stay safely at home. 🙏🏻

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