Watching (mostly just listening) the One World Together At Home while writing this post. Despite my fading trust in WHO, I think this is an incredibly creative campaign to connect and entertain people and showing appreciation for our medical staffs for fighting COVID-19 while we stay safely at home. I’m reminded once again of the power of web technologies and its importance in sharing information and connecting people globally, instantly, and simultaneously.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic at around CNY (late Jan.), I have been spending more and more time in my room at home. Little by little, it is being transformed into my tiny ark sheltering me from the virus while letting me stay sane through calligraphy and cartooning.

The pandemic is still serious and killing people by the thousands worldwide. A couple at my church in Toronto was diagnosed with COVID-19 recently, fortunately both of them are now discharged and recovering at home. Feels differently about the seriousness of the pandemic now that I can put a face on the overwhelming death toll numbers.

My daily devotion has now reached 2 Samuel. The weekly reflection noted about how David had waited on the Lord (WOTL) and disciplined himself on flute and sling shots while mundanely tending sheep as a shepherd boy. It’s a good reminder that I should be patient and proactively train and prepare myself for the post-COVID-19 era.

Oh Lord, pls be merciful to humanity Your creation and help us through this pandemic that we may come out stronger and closer to You. 🙏🏻

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