Holiday Season

The atmosphere in the city this holiday season seems to be the worst one for the past 10 years since I returned from Canada – Silent Night not so silent and Christmas Day seeing more chaotic protest news than about the birth of baby Jesus.

There are a few things that lifted up my Christmas spirit nonetheless:

  • The barista at the coffee stand near my studio gave me a chocolate when I went for my weekly coffee break
  • Met and caught up with an old neighbor, probably the friend I know for the longest. She gave me some cookies while I offered to pay for dinner
  • A very sweet friend mailed me some home roasted nuts from Canada and successfully cleared custom and arrived the day before Christmas

Really need to be grateful for the little things, especially in these chaotic times.

Counting down, 2 or so days left before the end of 2019 and the beginning of seemingly to be a significant year 2020. Started painting the rooms of my new home, should be on track to move in before CNY. Have a date with the girl-I-like in early Jan. Many things to look forward to in the coming year.

Really need to keep up hope, especially in these chaotic times.

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