District Elections

As advised by many friends, I went to the poll station very early this morning, but the lineup was already very long as expected. I didn’t want to be late for church so I postponed my vote to later this afternoon, and there was zero lineup then (~1700).

While writing this post, the radio news said more than 56% of eligible voters had casted their votes by 1730, a historic record for HK’s elections!! Regardless of the result, this is a positive sign. I truly hope this election will bring some positive changes to our city’s suffocating atmosphere.

It’s been a peaceful weekend so far, a rarity in recent months. However, there are still scarce amount of protesters trapped in PolyU refusing to seek help. Report says many of them are suffering from various degrees of psychological disorder after the week-long isolation. I truly hope that they won’t be neglected.

The city is currently still very polarized and filled with distrust and hostility, is there anything I can do to help besides casting my vote and offering my prayers? Oh God, please help our city find a way out of this political disaster and let the healing process begin. 🙏🏻

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