Taipei Trip 1116 – 1119

Took on a short 4-day trip to Taipei with a couple of fellowship brothers. One of them planned the whole trip and made all the bookings, me and the other brother simply tagged along. My only contribution to the itinerary was suggesting to visit the Juming Museum. It was far from the city and took some long traveling time, but my friends’ happy faces after the visit told me I had made a good suggestion and the long travel was well worth it!

Also had the opportunity to visit a few large scale craft markets, really admire the mature creative cultural industry in Taiwan. I kept questioning why HK can’t nurture such a creative industry, it’s not like we’re short of talents as proven by the countless hi-quality protesting materials produced freely and often anonymously since June. Perhaps the high cost of living and rent is to blame?

Was hoping to take a little break, but I couldn’t help but keep a close watch of the news in HK. Was seriously worried about PolyU, worrying that 8964 Massacre would take place in HK. Fortunately it didn’t happen, but the tension is still not fully resolved with an estimate of less than 100 protesters trapped inside the university with scarce food and deteriorating hygiene and health conditions.

The protesters are trapped physically in PolyU and me together with many Hongkongers are trapped emotionally by the lingering protest no matter where we go.

Oh God, please don’t turn your eyes away from us, help us find a way out of this political mess. 🙏🏻

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