There’s a recent downturn of events regarding the lingering protests in our city. After the violent clashes inside my neighborhood mall on Sunday, it was violently defaced and crumbled under the attack of “masked individuals”. The shopping mall will not reopen until December.

My neighborhood street was also blockaded. It deemed a natural target when the HKPF targets university students and my home is perfectly sandwiched between 2 universities.

But what aggravated me most was that the riot police had brutality attacked my Alma mater. It fired over 1000 tear gas canisters into the campus in less than a day! Even the university chancellor suffered from TG while trying to negotiate between the HKPF and students! The previous chancellor, being a practicing doctor, led a team of expert medics into the university late at night to treat those who were injured (more than 100). The HKPF retreated and allowed a rare day of relatively peacefulness. The tension seemed to have worsened again today and got me worried. I was later relieved after hearing from the late night radio news that the university students decided not to battle the HKPF head on.

Happy that I can now go on my 4-day Taipei vacation with a slightly lightened spirit.

Oh God, please continue to help our city to find its way out of this turmoil while I take a little rest. 🙏🏻

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