Feeling Low…

Last week started off pretty well as I finally picked up my running practice again after a full year of absence from the track. Ran 2 times, about 3k each, happy that I wasn’t too out of shape as I thought.

Also spent a couple of days cleaning up the studio, still need to test the laser cutter, should be able to transition into more digital fabrication work soon.

The endorphin that resulted from the small achievements didn’t last as my emotion dropped dramatically after hearing the news about the death of a 22 year old protestor who “fell” from a parking lot. A young university student with a bright future had his life cut short and will never see his full potential realized. May the truth regarding his death be revealed.

More police brutality broke out inside the shopping mall near my home yesterday, and this morning another youngster (21 yr-old) was shot with real bullets. He’s still in critical condition as I’m writing this post.

Oh God, do You hear the collective cry of our city? Will You act to purge out the evil? And what am I and other followers supposed to do in such political turmoil? I can’t help but feel helpless. 😢🙏

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