Oct. 1st, 2019

20191001 is a day to be remembered, not because of the 70th bday of PRC, but because it was the darkest day of our city’s lingering protest yet – an 18-yr-old protester was shot with live round by the HKPC at close range.

I originally planned to join my friends for lunch in HK Island before taking a stroll on the street, but the lunch was cancelled because the restaurant they made the reservation did not open for business.  In fact, many shopping malls around the city was closed.  I ended up staying in the studio in Kowloon Bay the whole day doing some clean up and making art.

It wasn’t a productive day as my attention was taken hostage by the live broadcast of protests at different corners of the city.  The protests turned violent with protesters severely damaging many MTR stations and some isolated china-affiliated businesses.  The HKPC shot 6 live bullets and uncountable number of other bullets and tear gas canisters.

My family had been messaging me throughout the day and I had to constantly reassure them that I was safe near the studio.  At the end of the day, 40+ MTR stations were closed down and I decided to stay in the studio for the night.

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