Highlights of Past 2 Weeks

A little update of what’s been happening with me in the past 2 weeks…

  • Completed setting up a new laser cutter in the studio and have done some preliminary testing.
  • Submitted a “proposal” to an upcoming event with WWF HK in early Nov.
  • Started cleaning up the studio and readying myself for an Oct. of ink indulgence.
  • Had lunch with my 91-yr-old calligraphy classmate who stopped going to class since end of Aug. due to deteriorating health and mobility.
  • Had lunch with an old friend who wanted to hear my opinion about emigrating to Canada.
Regarding the current political situation in HK, it’s still very messy and bloody. Violent clashes between protesters and police still happening and worsening every weekend. I’ve grown somewhat desensitized to the violent news. I messaged an old high school friend yesterday. I remembered his bday due to the Umbrella Movement 5 years ago. We started chatting about the current situation in HK. He told the group that he really hope to see HK getting back to normal as it was before the protest began 3 months ago and that he might move back to Canada in 3-5 years.

I truly hope that the lingering protests would end soon too and that my friends and the many others who love this city wouldn’t need to consider moving away at all. Oh God, what can we do? 🙏🏻

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