Another Tiring Week

Our city is going though another Sunday night of violent protests as I’m writing this post. I’m seriously tired and have been even more quiet than usual this week.

Mon – Met up with my calligraphy classmates to visit a newly opened baking studio. It was found and run by one of my classmates goddaughter. It’s a tough business and I offered to help 3D print a cookie cutter. Should be a fun experiment.

Tue – Calligraphy class, still missing my 91-yr-old classmate. My teacher suggested to move our weekly class to Ma On Shan starting Oct. to minimize the traveling effort for my classmate, but he seemed reluctant to accept our kind offer.

Wed – Violent clash broke out at a shopping mall in the evening. A guy with his 3 kids was singing the national anthem of China while intimidating the crowd by taking closeup videos of the pro-democracy crowd. He was yelled, bullied, and beaten with blood shredding at the corner of his eye. Found out he was a good friend of mine back in high school in HK.

Thu – Watched the near hour long video incident in the morning and my mood seemed to have fallen down a cliff. Went to volunteer for another week to make lanterns with elderly, but that barely lifted up my spirit. Had dinner with family, it was an unusually quiet one as we tried to avoid sensitive political topics that may trigger arguments again (our last dinner together a few weeks back ended on an unhappy note due to different political views).

Fri – Mid-Autumn, had dinner at home with my parents. Slept early and peacefully.

Sat – Began my weekend reading of the long and difficult to understand book. Met up with the girl-I-like for coffee and gelato in the afternoon.

Sun – Joined the early Sunday Service. Managed to finish reading the long and difficult to understand book.

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