Weekend Art Retreat

Had the privilege to spend another wonderful weekend at the beautiful WWF Island House making art and meeting new and old friends. It was a super quiet weekend with very little visitors, likely due to our city’s ongoing protests and bad weather. It was somewhat expected and I wasn’t disappointed whatsoever. Every time I walked into the secluded Island House, it felt like re-experiencing my Hawaiian vacation back in 2013 when I attended my friend’s wedding on the Big Island. For me, making art and sharing occasional friendly conversations with visitors at the Island House was more of a vacation than work.

Slightly disappointed was that the girl-I-like couldn’t make it to the Event last minute. I was so hoping to show her around the beautiful environment and experience a little bit of Hawaii together in HK.

Our city experienced another weekend of violent clashes between protesters and police. Fires were started, blue solutions were sprayed, and real guns were shot. Almost the entire subway line was stopped at one point. It was a dramatic contrast to my quiet weekend art retreat.

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