Back From Vacation

Got home late last night (~11pm) from a 10-day vacation in Singapore with my family…

It was my first time in SG, I was particularly taken away by its greenery everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. They truly live up to their “City in the Garden” reputation!

It was a much needed vacation to rest my body and soul from a seemingly never ending worrisome situation between the Hongkongers and the Government and its police force. I was sleeping very well for the first few nights despite sharing a hotel room with my dad who snores loudly. But since the horrifying violence broke out in Yuen Long late Sunday night, I resorted back to being a night owl and spent long late night hours catching up and sieving the news from an overwhelming sea of unverified news. My mood and sleep quality declined since then even though I had my own hotel room with a huge clean bed and a breathtaking view of the S’pore city.

Nonetheless, while having the opportunity to stay behind for 3 more days by myself, I did manage to use my daytime hours wisely to explore many museums and exhibitions throughout the city, my decision to stay disconnected while away from the hotel certainly helped. One particular satisfying exhibition was that of a Singaporean watercolor painter Lim Cheng Hoe. The artworks as well as the diaries he left behind was a testimony of how much he loved art, even though he was only able to enjoy it as a hobby on top of his full-time clerical job.

Seeing the LIM CHENG HOE: PAINTING SINGAPORE Exhibition certainly made me want to spend more time exploring art and writing up my journal, and it shall start with this entry post!

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