June 16th Protest

We’ve made history!! Following a one million people protest a week before, Hongkongers reunited for another peaceful protest, this time wearing black and with even more ppl! With a nearly 2-million-ppl strong peaceful protest, Hongkongers broke all records regarding protest locally (and perhaps also globally)!! Gotta be proud to be a part of this historic event.

But will our stubborn and arrogant Gov. hear their ppl this time around? So far, none of the rally’s petitions were answered.

As much as I’m proud of Hongkongers, there was a somewhat worrying scene I witnessed during the rally. At one point when we passed some parked police vehicles, many of the protesters swore and even intimidated the police officers to open fire. The police looked annoyed and angry but yet kept silent the whole time. This was in stark contrast to the week before when police and protesters were still very polite and friendly with each other. Looks like the incident at the Gov. headquarters on my bday had torn apart the relationship of Hong Kong Police Force and the ppl they serve.

Dear HK Gov., can you hear 2 million of your ppl’s unequivocal petitions? Only you can help heal the wounds that have been torn apart now.

Need to keep praying for our city… 🙏🏼

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