We The North!!

Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship for the first time since the team was established in 1995!! It was a really tight game and both teams switched leads numerous times, but never in double digits. I was literally at the edge of my seat during the last few seconds!

The exciting game and the victory gave me a good breather in midst of the overwhelming and suffocating gloomy news in HK. I had been catching up on news and sleeping late (around 2am) for the past few nights, but was exhausted and fell asleep at around 10pm last night.

I’m feeling somewhat Schizophrenic – feeling the joy of the Torontonians over Raptor’s championship, but at the same time, feeling the helplessness of the millions of Hongkongers who are facing a stubborn and heartless Government who is unwilling to put aside the controversial China Extradition bill.

Need to keep praying for Hong Kong… 🙏🏼

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