Exhibition Celebration

Had the Ink Obsession exhibition (opening) celebration on Saturday evening. I started feeling the butterflies in the stomach in the morning. Rushed through the morning preparing for a guestbook and some souvenirs. Went to buy some softdrinks and snacks and dropped them off at the venue before rushing to my 3D animation class in the afternoon. Left class slightly early and made it just in time for the celebration before 6pm.

My parents and an uncle were already waiting for me at the building entrance, I escorted them up to the exhibition venue. Thanks to the organizer, everything was ready to welcome guests by the time I arrived. The first person I met was a 98 year-old granny, she and her granddaughter helped translate the exhibition info from English to Chinese. My sister, calligraphy teacher and classmate, and some of my close friends also dropped by one by one as the celebration proceeded.

After most of my family and friends left, me and a few friends stayed behind and chatted a bit with the organizer and their guests. The cozy chat circle included ppl from Belgium, UK, Japan, Spain, Canada, and HK.

Reflecting on the event I realized that the mini art exhibition has brought together ppl from a wide age range, ethnicity, and occupations (artists, designers, architects, carpenters, lawyer, psychologist, …)! Using Art as a way to connect ppl from all walks of life is actually one of the core values of the organizer (Bizzie Bee), and I’m truly grateful that they gave me this precious learning experience!

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