Weekly Update

The past week was another rollercoaster ride of highs and lows…

  • It started off on a light happy note with the ex-Chief of HK appearing on a creative ad on the front page of a local newspaper. It got me thinking about advertising, crowdfunding, freedom of press, etc
  • Mom entered and stayed in the hospital for 4 days for a thorough body check. Report will be out in 10 days, hopefully everything will be ok and that we can find out the root cause of her fainting earlier
  • Some of the Umbrella Movement leaders were charged guilty. I was really touched by the testimony of Rev. Chu, may God bless him and many others who are being persecuted for their selfless act
  • I was kept busy most of the week screen printing tote bags for my fellowship. Came across some technical difficulties and couldn’t finish them for our fellowship’s anniversary celebration
  • With mom’s recent fainting episode, my family reached a consensus to grant my mom’s long time wish of hiring a full time helper. I really abhor the whole system of importing foreign labor, providing them second class living conditions and low wages. Moreover, I couldn’t afford to lose any more of the little personal space I have for living with my mom, so I raised the concern and started thinking about moving out. It seemed like a good solution as my mom will get the help she needed and I will get the personal space I needed. My family (except my mom) didn’t object to that idea. It will not be an easy transition for my mom, but it’s probably better for her and for me. May God bless this big but still premature plan my family decided today
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