Earth Hour

Earth hour, I figured I’ll spend the time contemplating and write up a post for my somewhat neglected journal (just checked, my last blog post was way back in early Feb.).

Not a lot has been happening with me since the beginning of 2019. In terms of work, I’ve been busy transitioning back to doing digital fabrication after a long detour in art and other miscellaneous stuff. Recently, I’ve been designing and making lots of things including a giant construction crane using bamboo skewers and 3D printed joints. Feel very alive when I’m designing, experimenting, solving problems, and crafting things with my hands. It feels right and I’m confident that I’m aligning my studio work back in the right direction.

I’m not abandoning my seeming innate interest in Art just yet. I’m still keeping up with my weekly Tuesday calligraphy class, my interest for the art form didn’t diminish but seem to grow ever stronger since starting the first class about 3 years ago!

I also hoped to get back into running regularly again, but the track I’m accustomed to has been under renovation since the beginning of the year. Will check back in April again and hopefully be able to restart the healthy exercise habit.

Spiritually, I was able to keep up with my daily devotions. Not a big challenge as I am not following an annual plan to read the whole bible like last year. So instead of reading 2 or 3 chapters daily in chronological order, I now just follow the daily devotion guide and read 2 or 3 random verses. Like many things, I suppose quality is more important than quantity.

Have been wanting to ask the girl I like out on a date since I returned from Toronto in September, but she seemed busy like most ppl in HK. After so long of not seeing and talking to her, I just don’t know how to even start a conversation now. Don’t know how this relationship will turn out to be, but I still trust that God will find a way to bring us together if it’s meant to be.

I’ve probably been babbling way too long here. Will try to write more but shorter entries in the future. It’s good to spend time gathering and jotting down my thoughts once in a while.

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