2018 Review

My resting heart rate continued to drop from 67 bpm to my normal 60 bpm in the past week, so I ended 2018 and starting 2019 with a healthy body.

Before planning for the new year, here are some highlights of 2018 off the top of my head:

  • completed my first full marathon
  • completed my two year term as fellowship committee
  • finished learning the thousand words in Chinese calligraphy using 楷書, now learning 行書
  • vacationed in Canada for more than a month with my parents and sister
  • tackled Inktober for the first time and created a 26-panel comic story
  • completed a set of 120+ endangered species portraiture in brush-and-ink
  • published a website to showcase and archive the endangered species portraitures and other ink art
  • read 25+ books, including the bible which I just finished reading today
  • went on a few dates with the girl-I-like, but kinda lost touch with her since my long vacation in Canada in July

Looking back, 2018 had been a rather fruitful year, I cannot help but thank God for His abundant grace.

Oh Lord, thank you for your never lacking grace over the year despite my many sins.  Please be patient with me and continue to help me rid of my sinful self this year so that Your light can shine through me unhindered.

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