Recovered (~90%)

Joined the UW alumni to play some badminton again yesterday. Only 8 players showed up, and with 2 courts booked, there was barely resting time during the 2 hours. Tired, but I felt much better than last week, a good sign of recovery.

Can’t say that I’m 100% healed from the bad flu however, the recent fluctuating cold and warm weather seems to be troubling my body and I don’t seem to feel at my best most of the time. Nonetheless, after many days of headaches and cough, I’m truly thankful to be healthy and well again!

With a more healthy body, I had a rather productive week:

  • finally rolled out the Etsy store for my studio. Not expecting much sales, but I think it’s a first step in the right direction.
  • finally replaced the battery of my 3+ yr-old phone. It took me 3 separate visits to the Apple store to get this done!
  • managed to spare some time (8-9 hours) to work on a design for the DSD Manhole Design Competition, submitted it at the last minute last night.

Now that I’m more or less recovered and with about 2 weeks left till the end of the year, I plan to finish up my last couple of work projects and then spend the rest of the time cleaning up (both my studio and home) and socialize and catching up with friends!

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