Glimpse of Hope

Looking back this past week, seems like I had been pretty productive:

  • made good progress on the ink art website
  • fired up the laser cutter and prototyped some 1/10 models
  • visited my woodworking friend in Tuen Mun to discuss the coming fair on 24th and possibly more future collaborations
  • printed out the parts for the Open Press Project as suggested by a friend, will try to assemble and play with it later
  • went back to my alma mater a couple of times to sit in on the sharing sessions of an outstanding alumni who has been helping Chinese cancer patients in Australia for more than 20 years and counting
  • jogged 3 days, slowly and tiresomely getting to 4K. Thinking back, it must be a miracle that I was able to complete the 42K marathon back in Jan!

While prototyping the 1/10 models, I seemed to have rekindled my love in designing and making things. All the happy memories from shop class in high school, to brain-teasing lab work during university, and experimenting with state-of-the-art lasers during coops are all coming back to me it seems. And I still remember the joy of assembling and putting the digital fabrication machines to work for the first time in the studio. Hope was high when I first started the studio, but the passion seemed to have faded over time. It’s probably not too late to pick that up again, right?

Stumbled upon a book about Thomas Heatherwick today. I skimmed pass his projects, I recalled experiencing his awe inspiring Seed Cathedral during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. I also recalled seeing an inspiring exhibition of his works in HK a few years back and thinking to myself that it would be a lot of fun to setup my studio to experiment with design like he does.

If God permits, let me restart my career in research, experiment, design, and make functional, sustainable, and delightful objects to serve others! 🙏🏻

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