Reading and Writing

Spent unusually long amount of time immersing myself in books the past week. Finished reading two books, one on creative writing (Bird by Bird) and the other being a fictional novel about time (The Time Keeper).

Never considered doing any writing myself, but Bird by Bird is one of those books you just can’t let go once you started reading. The creative writing process sounded a lot like creating art needing, among many things, keen observations and daily practices. Perhaps I should experiment with that a little when I find the time later.

Never got into reading fantasy fictional novels, especially those without accompanying attractive illustrations. I sometimes think it’s a waste of time reading something that’s unreal and totally out of this world. Where’s the application? I’m a practical guy, I know. So it seemed a little strange that I would be so absorbed into reading The Time Keeper. Reading the book felt like what the female protagonist in the book was trying to say to the boy whom she had a crush on but who never liked her in return – “time flies with you”. That’s actually something I would like to tell the girl-I-like someday too.

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