Finally finished reading the huge biography of Einstein, love the genius who famously said “imagination is more important than knowledge”!  On top of his unquestionable scientific achievements, I also admire his humility, creativity, ability to drift off or focus in all circumstances, courage of nonconformity to authorities, and above all else, his perseverance.  At the dying age of 76, Mr. Albert Einstein was still walking to his office day in and day pouring out mathematical formulas and trying to prove his unified field theory!  I truly honour people with such grit.

I recall another creative and dedicated genius – Charles Schulz.  The world renowned cartoonist famously described his profession as “doing the same thing everyday without repeating oneself”.  If I remembered correctly, Mr. Charles Schulz was still going to his studio day in and day out letting his imagination roam free in front of his drawing board at the dying age of 77.

Now if only I can also find a career that I can so passionately dedicate the rest of my life in like the geniuses.

Started reading the biography of another genius – Leonardo da Vinci.  Got it on e-book instead of borrowing it from the library because it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of traveling in July and August thanks to my mom’s sudden traveling plans that kinda caught our family off guard.

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