My BIG Day

Didn’t make a it a big fuss for my 39th birthday yesterday, but it was still rather memorable…

Had my usual weekly calligraphy class in the morning, it just so happened that the last letter of the Thousand Words (千字文) was covered.  It had been more than a year since I learnt the first letter!  Had dim sum with my calligraphy teacher and 89-yr-old elderly classmate afterwards, first time with only us three guys.  And just as I guessed, my elderly classmate paid the bill “secretly” while I went to the washroom, I thanked him and told him that I didn’t race him to the bill on purpose this time because it was my birthday. =)

To make the day even more memorable, I decided to plant some of the sunflower seeds I bought a few weeks ago.  Shortly after I finished planting, my parents and sister came over to have a birthday dinner with me near my studio.

Received many birthday greetings throughout the day.  I’m thankful for everyone who remembered my birthday or took the time to send in a simple greeting or both.  I was hoping that the girl-I-like would be among them, but was disappointed even though I already know the little likelihood of it happening.  Oh well.

p.s. my birthday celebration actually started on Sat. when I met up some good old friends for a pleasant dinner and some joyful conversations, thank you guys!

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