(Starving) Artist, seriously?

It was back in April when I attended my first ever Maker Faire in HK.  I took the opportunity to explore the late Zaha Hadid designed building, slowly strolling and ascending the floors before stumbling upon a workshop for DIY bookbinding.  One of the instructors gave out postcards she designed, and it just so happened that I had some postcards I prototyped earlier at hand, so we did a postcard exchange.  Months later, that instructor asked me to do an online artist interview on behalf of a non-profit organisation.  Artist?  Me?  I double-checked with her about my qualifications before trying to fill out the questionnaire.  Here’s my first ever (starving) artist interview.

I later found out that the DIY bookbinding instructor and interviewer also studied in Ontario, small world!

Yesterday, I submitted at the very last minute an application for a resident artist opportunity.  Never tried applying for resident artist before for I never really considered myself an artist, but this particular opportunity seemed like a match in heaven.  I could apply my knowledge in environmental science and sustainable design and dedicate a couple of months full time to create art for a good and important cause!

Oh Lord, if You really want me to be a (starving) artist, please continue to guide my steps and give me the serenity, courage, and wisdom to humbly walk with You each day. ??

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