Animal Portraiture

After my uncle passed away more than 2 weeks ago, I seemed to have become more withdrawn, quiet, and serious.  I also seemed to have grown more conscious about the limit of our time in this world.  The question about life’s purpose also pops up more often in my mind these days, what does God want me to do in life?

Continuing my art therapy, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time practicing calligraphy and drawing animal portraits with a brush pen for the last few weeks.  With nearly 1 year of weekly calligraphy classes, my hand-eye coordination and my proficiency in using the brush pen seemed to have improved a lot.  I can now draw decent animal portraits using photo references with just a brush pen, no penciling and erasing.

I wonder what God wants me to do with this artistic skill (gift?) He has given me.  I’m still not too clear about where God is leading me in life, but I feel that I’m on the right track and heading at the right direction. 


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