Creative Monday

img_3850A rainy day, not good to do any outdoor sketching, instead spent the afternoon finish reading the 5 illustrative books by Jimmy S.P.A. I borrowed from the library awhile ago.  The 5 books were of a series named Paradise Lost (失樂園), all published in 2005.  The series is consisted of many individual chapters, each illustrating an imaginative character in the Lost Paradise.  Having borrowed and read all of Jimmy’s published books up till the series, I see no ends to his imagination (yet).

Reading the books gave me some idea of the comic strip I’ve been dreaming to do, but never got started.  Perhaps due to self-doubt and insufficient courage.  Besides, who in this world still reads regular comic strips like Snoopy or Calvin & Hobbes?!  And what exactly do I wish to achieve from doing a comic strip?!  Starting a regular comic strip is one of those things that is not too difficult to initiate, but rather difficult to maintain and sustain, a journey that warrants more careful research and planning before embarking.  If I ever do get crazy enough to engage in this little dream of mine, please make every effort to support the starving artist! ?

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