100th Poke-a-mon(itor) Caught!

img_3807Since discovering the magic of the brush pen, I got hooked and took every possible opportunity to sketch and doodle while traveling on the MTR.  My models are fellow subway riders who were immersed in their phones and had no idea they were being sketched.  There were no shortage of volunteering models.  This fun and free life drawing exercise had been going on for a little less than a month, and I had just caught my 100th poke-a-mon(itor) yesterday!

I’ve always find drawing the face and the hands to be the most difficult part of drawing the human figure, the free life drawing exercise seems to help overcome my fear a little while easing my starvation for art.  Now having drawn my 100th model, I think I shall temporary cease this exercise before I get caught and make my subjects angry.  Perhaps I shall delve deeper and spend more time learning and practicing drawing portraits before revisiting this fun and life drawing exercise?  It would be nice if I become good enough to draw portraits for others, I can then setup a booth to draw people while listening to their interesting life stories.  It’s probably better to draw people than landscape/architecture, “… people are more important than places,” I recall someone told me in a dream.

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