Sick Day

Woke up with a minor sore throat and light fever, decided to take a day off and rest at home.  I can’t remember the last time I spent the afternoon at home on a weekday.  Managed to read the entire book of Ezra and prepare the ppt for tomorrow’s fellowship while taking a few naps in between.  

I also had the opportunity to watch some Olympics for the first time since it started about a week ago.  Watched a few badminton games, makes me miss playing the game.  I think I’m really lacking regular exercise, perhaps that’s why I seem to be getting sick more easily these days.  I’m hoping to pickup some regular running and soccer again after the summer heat subsides. 

Thankful for having my parents make congee and having b/s pray for me, my fever is almost gone (98.6 degrees) before going to bed at night!   Pray that I will be fully recovered before fellowship tomorrow. 

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