Creative Monday

IMG_0440Hardly did anything creative today other than stroll around furniture and design stores looking for inspirations for a design competition I plan to participate in.  During my regular weekly oil painting class tonight, we started a new painting.

One of my best friends initiated a conversation today about starting a little business together, this isn’t our first time, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the limitless possibilities all day.  Maybe it’s about time to start a new career, just like starting a new painting…

In fact, a lot of my old friends initiated email conversations last week as if there was some kind of friendship movement going on.  It started with one of my primary school friends telling us about his current 2-month trip with his gf to explore the exotic places in South America.  I’m now following his travel blog with a slight taste of envy, envy not just because of the extended excursion, but also for him having a loving companion to share the travel experience with.  One of my friends pointed out earlier how it’s important that your other half enjoy traveling with you in similar manner (e.g. types of accommodation, budget, etc.).  I’m recently starting to realize the truth in that statement.  Hopefully, I’ll find someone whom I wish to travel to the ends of the world with, just like my old pal.

I’m honestly not good in keeping up with friends, so I’m especially thankful when friends remembered me and cared to spare a little bit of their time to catch up with me.  And being slightly introverted, I’m not too good in opening up myself to meet new friends, so I’m forever thankful to have good friends whom I have known for many years.

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