Daily Archives: October 8, 2017


Joined Sunday service at my home church here in Toronto, many things and people seemed the same as before, strangely felt like I had travelled back in time to 6 years ago. Had lunch with a few of my old fellowship sisters afterwards, the 6 years of separation didn’t seem to have distanced our relationships, we broke a few laughs while catching up with our recent happenings. They wouldn’t let me chip in for the lunch bill.

After returning home, an old pal of mine picked me up to visit his home. He moved back to Canada more than a year ago with his wife and son after working and living in HK for 10+ years. We chatted a little in his home before walking out for dinner in our high school neighborhood. Happy to see that my good friend and his family is settling well here. Again, he wouldn’t let me chip in for the dinner bill even though he had already saved me a lot of money by lending me his old car.

I couldn’t be more thankful to have such good friends here while visiting.

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