Cleanup Started

Helped my friend move his new giant 3D printer up into his workshop on Wednesday. It required the effort of 5 ppl (including 1 stranger) to move it up a ramp. It was my first time visiting the spacious workshop my friend started renting earlier this year together with an artist friend and another company. I couldn’t help but reminisce the time I moved into my current studio about 10 years ago. So full of hope and dreams back then, and now after many years of effort and little accomplishments, and with my upcoming plans to return to Canada, it felt a bit like I had just been wasting my time.

Nonetheless, I did reach a milestone this week at the studio when I finally had time to experiment with multi-color 3D printing. The result was much better than I thought! The little breakthrough opened up some product ideas that I hope to roll out before returning to Canada.

I finally started the long overdue project of clearing out my apt yesterday. Will probably continue doing this for both my apt and studio for at least a couple more weeks.

Since picking up my cartooning hobby again on my bday a couple weeks ago, I kept up with drawing and posting a single panel each week. Drew up the latest one this afternoon. Happy to be infusing art into my depressiing life again.

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