Post-COVID Plan?

Had dinner at one of the usual restaurants near the studio on Fri. The restaurant owners seemed especially happy seeing me dining-in, they mentioned that it had been 3 years since I last dined in. It felt strange but true, having lived through the long years of pandemic still seemed like a surreal experience.

Have never stopped asking myself (and praying to God) about my long term plan since returning from my summer vacation in Sept. Had been talking with my Canadian friend who is temporarily staying at my apartment about this, no conclusion was reached, but I seemed to be more certain about the possibility of moving back to Canada.

So what’s the plan? I don’t know (yet). I just know that the city is deteriorating rapidly and it’s sucking up much of my joy to live in an unjust dictator regime. I can’t envision a happy future here. But what would I do if I move back to Canada? What about my elderly parents staying in the city? I need to think harder. May God continue to guide my steps. 🙏🏻

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