Home Art Studio

Have moved out to live on my own for nearly 2 years now, I finally decided to clean up the living room this past week. After clearing up and organizing much of the junk that had accumulated since moving in, I had a little corner set up for painting. I couldn’t resist to start painting right away as the long weekend began.

Decided to experiment with painting one of the CR animal caricatures I had been drawing recently. Tried to imitate Takashi Murakami’s anime painting style, found out that the black outlines were very difficult to paint. Maybe because I didn’t have the right brushes. Or maybe it’s due to my lack of practice, the last time I painted acrylics was back in summer 2018 when I visited Canada. Regardless, it was nice to experiment with a new style and indulging myself with some art therapy.

Since the current pandemic wave hit in Feb, I’ve brought home much of the art supplies from the studio. Little by little, I’ve transformed my home study and living room into a little art studio. I think it’s actually good to move my art endeavors back home, art is probably better to be kept as a hobby rather than a way to make money. And now when I go back to the studio full-time, I can better focus on engineering design work.

Had indulged myself with much art during this pandemic wave, it’s really time to get back to some serious studio work in May! 💪🏻

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