Let’s Run!!

Originally had my eyes set on a marathon in Toronto in October so as to give myself an excuse to temporarily escape this depressed city and visit my other home and my family and friends there. But due to the marathon pandemic, the full marathon will only happen virtually this year, in-person run will be limited to 10k race only.

God seemed to know my disappointment and consoled me with a replacement marathon run locally in this depressed city. Most of the local public events are cancelled in the name of COVID-19, but our illogical government let this marathon slip for some reason. And the race is usually held annually in February when the weather is cool and perfect for long distance running, but this makeup race (cancelled in 2019 due to pandemic) unusually scheduled to be on Oct. 24, which I’m worrying might still be a bit too hot for a marathon. Regardless, I need to learn to trust that God’s plan is always much better than what I can imagine with my limited mind.

Things in our city continues to head south, and many personal things are troubling me without any clear resolutions, and this never-ending pandemic is exacerbating the whole situation. Having a marathon run to look forward to and my now-motivated weekly sweaty practices seem to provide temporary relief to the surfacing depression I’m experiencing… Let’s just run!!

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