New Routines

It’s been a week since I moved out and started living independently again. The transitioning to new routines like meals, laundry, transport, library visits, etc. was considerably smooth.

Productivity at work seems to be improving along with the new routines. Managed to keep up with the daily Inktober cartoons, my drawing and inking skills seem to have improved along with increasing knowledge of birds. This annual art routine has provided some much needed distractions to the craziness happening in our city, in our world.

Signed up for a community marathon training group in my new found neighborhood, will start running again twice a week this week after my last running practice way back in Jan/Feb. This new routine should provide some much needed dopamine to cope with our marathon pandemic.

Still keeping up with my daily morning devotions, slowly catching up to the year-through-the-bible schedule (about 1 week behind). With many plans and projects deterred due to COVID-19, I think I’m better off not making any ambitious long-term goals but rather just trusting God and living my life one day at a time.

Oh Lord, please continue to bless my new routines and my new life, help me to see You more clearly and follow You more closely. ??

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