An Accomplished Week

Towards the end of the first half of 2020, I rushed into finishing some of the things I planned to do before starting life anew in July. Here are some of my accomplishments this past week:

Tue – Submitted my proposal for a commercial tenancy at JCCAC

Wed – Disassembled a long-standing bridge model at the studio and reclaimed my Iron Ring. Need to remind myself to focus on doing more engineering work and less art as I really can’t afford to be a starving artist anymore.

Thu – Holiday, brewed up the first cup of coffee at my new home. Finally finished cleaning up the place (for now).

Fri – Met up an old high school friend who is now considered my neighbour as my new home is only 5-10 min walk to his place. Happy to finally meet and catch up with him after nearly 2 years!

Sat – Finally met up with the girl-I-like since our last date in January! We met and chatted over lunch. My feelings for her seems to have survived the many months of social-distancing, but I’m still not certain if the feeling is mutual. How can I tell? If only I have the courage to tell her how I feel about her and ask her directly what she thinks of me. Maybe I’ll do that on our next date, hopefully it won’t take another 6 months.

Oh Lord, thank you for a somewhat accomplished week. I’ve done the best I can to follow Your guidance, please continue to lead and guide me in my career and my relationship with the girl-I-like. ??

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