Creative Monday

Originally planned to do some volunteering in the afternoon, but the fai chun making session with the elderly was cancelled due to cold weather.

With the freed up time slot, I took a stroll through the Old Master Q exhibition at the mall near my studio.  Saw some of the hand drawn comics by the late artist Alfonso Wong done in the 60s-70s, still very much admire his craftsmanship and dedication.  Went back to the studio afterwards, read a little Old Master Q comics, dug out and skimmed through some of my old cartooning works, one of my dreams of starting a comic strip got stirred up again.

While doing some calligraphy practice in the evening, I did a little cartooning with brush and ink and copied Snoopy from a book cover nearby.  I still very much remember one of most famous quotes in the comic world by Mr. Charles Schulz – A cartoonist “…is someone who has to draw the same thing every day without repeating himself.

Do I have the imagination, craftsmanship, dedication, and grit to be a cartoonist?


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