2nd Half-Marathon Completed!

IMG_4202Completed my 2nd half-marathon with an improvement of ~15 mins (unofficially) compared to last year!  Thankful.  Building upon experience from last year, this year’s run seemed more pleasurable and less exhaustive, it felt like I can run an extra 1 or 2k after passing the finish line!  Perhaps I can attempt to run a full marathon next year?  Will see.

And I seemed to like the social aspect of the run a little more this year.  Although you may run a little slower due to too many runners passing narrow ways at times, there’s magic to be around thousands of people from all walks of life trying the achieve the same goal. “Together, we run further!”, that’s the slogan for this year’s marathon.

A side effect from the half-marathon preparation is that I’ve got into the habit and waking up early in the morning to do practice runs, that seemed to make me a more positive and productive person.  Let’s hope I can keep up with this good habit after the run.

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