Valentine’s Day

Spent the Valentine’s Day in the studio listening to TED Talks while cutting cardboards.  Cutting cardboards because I’m in the process of designing and fabricating my first piece of furniture.  There was solitude in the simple and repetitive work, I imagined that Jesus might had this similar feeling when he was serving as a carpenter.

The truth is that I had been thinking constantly throughout the day whether I should message a girl in fellowship I’m interested in getting to know more, I wanted to continue our brief conversation that was oddly ended in the short MTR ride last night.  But perhaps I was out of courage, or more likely I was simply uncertain.  It’s probably wise not to make a move on Valentine’s Day when you’re uncertain, or is it?  What if someone beat you to it in asking her out?  Argh…

I’ll keep praying and hold up my faith that God would guide me in this road of finding that special someone to share my life with.


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