Daily Archives: May 30, 2019

Dentist Appointment

Had been having a slight toothache for months, finally decided to see my dentist today. The nurse asked why I didn’t come see the dentist regularly for the past 3 years, I just honestly replied saying I’m afraid to see dentists. I mean who isn’t?

I thought I just had a cavity that needed filling, but it turned out that one of my molars was cracked so serious that I had no other options but to have it taken out. I was totally not ready for that, fear and a mix of other emotions rushed up my head. But there were no other options, I trusted the dentist’s evaluation and made a courageous decision to have the molar removed. It was more fear than pain, and my morning devotion of Joshua’s courage when facing the wall of Jericho kinda helped.

The pain is over, but I’m actually still kinda angry at my parents because the crack on my molar is most likely caused by the many times of biting on small bones found in my parents’ home cooked meals, even the watery congee has many small bones in them! I complained numerous times, and in return they would just say that food with bones are tastier and how I should be careful in eating. Come on, who in the world buries tiny bones in almost every spoon of watery congee?! And how tasty can bones be when your teeth aches?! 😤

Vented my anger about my parents. But I must also say about how much I admire my dad for his courage. He never showed fear when seeing doctors or dentists for operations, at least not in front of his children. I still have lots to learn from him!

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