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Weekly Update

The past week was filled with highs and lows:

  • Woke up on Monday with a strong urge of going back to school and study landscape architecture, it had to do with the dream, but I couldn’t recall the faintest content. It felt like a calling from above and the more I thought about the possibility the more right it seemed – (high)
  • My sister forwarded me a news article about a teacher who was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease (possibly only 5 ppl had it in HK) about 9 years ago. I was diagnosed with the same disease about 4 years ago and was hospitalized for 12 days. It brought back memories of a life-changing event that brought me closer to God – (high)
  • A good friend invited me to exhibit my ink portraits of endangered species. Even though the venue is “low key” according to her, I’ve never shown my work in public and it’s truly an honor to be recognized as exhibition worthy material – (high)
  • Assembled a cheap opensource 3D printer I purchased for the studio recently. Its print quality and speed was better than the one I got about 5 years ago that costs about 15 times more! This seems to have opened up a world of possibilities for my studio work – (high)
  • Mom fainted, fell, and hurt her right arm yesterday. Good thing my father was at home. She was reluctant to see the doctor even with the fear of a possible stroke. She has trouble lifting her right arm now, we as a family ruled out the possibility of a stroke and will try to make her see a doctor tmr. This incident totally negated all my previous highs – (low)
  • Checked online just now that there were no part-time master degree in landscape architecture in HK, and I’m almost certain that I don’t wanna go back to school full time, so that strong sense of calling I felt waking up on Monday morning was likely just a false alarm – (low)
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Sketch… Sunday Service

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