Daily Archives: August 3, 2018

Mission Completed, Real Vacation Starts!

Barely slept last night, probably due to worries of not getting enough sleep to drive my parents and sister to the airport in the early morning. Worrying about not getting enough sleep is truly a self-fulfilling prophecy. At one point I did fall into a short but deep sleep. I dreamt that my dad found a dim sum restaurant that opens at 4am so we could get some breakfast before heading to the airport, I probably had way too many dim sum for this trip already!

Despite the lack of sleep, I was able to safely drop off my family at the airport and seeing them enter the gate for security check. My mom told me to take care, my sister did the same via messaging before boarding the plane back to HK, I simply replied saying there’s no need to worry about me here in Canada. Didn’t they witness for the pass 3 weeks how comfortable and at ease I am in my “home and native land”?

Dropping my parents at the airport made me recall the story they told me about the time they dropped me off at boarding school in grade 1. They were sobbing in the van worrying about me adapting to the new environment, I on the other hand was already off making new friends and having fun!

Now that I have completed the mission of being the English translator and chauffeur for my family, it’s time to plan my remaining vacation till the end of August. Oh Lord, may you guide my long vacation, may it be restful, enjoyable, yet meaningful and away from sin. 🙏🏻

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