Daily Archives: October 23, 2017

Half Marathon

Completed my half marathon run, 2hr 18min, my personal record! ✌🏻

The half marathon was not the main reason for this trip, I hesitated to register when my friend told me about it after I booked my flight because I stopped my running practice for 3 months due to the hot weather in HK. With insufficient practice, I owe my personal record breaking run to the comfortable weather and flat course here. Glad I made the decision to register now that I’m done!

Saw many smiles while running, there were so much positive energy, I kept thinking how I could store it all up to combat the negativity I’m constantly bombarded with in HK. Is it possible to store up positive energy like a hydroelectric pump system storing up excess solar/wind energy? How did Jesus store enough courage to be led and die on the cross for us?

On my way to the bus terminal after the run, I met a stranger who started a conversation with me. Apparently she just finished her 2nd full marathon! When asked why she’s doing it, she said she didn’t know but she’s always very happy when she’s done. I can totally see that from her friendly smile, and I simply replied, “definitely!”

The somewhat awkward conversation seems to be preparing me for my 1st full marathon run in Jan. next year. While running the half-marathon, I kept thinking that I probably shouldn’t have signed up for the full marathon as running half the distance already seemed impossible. Now, after the conversation, I hope that I’ll still be able to smile and say that I’m very happy to have done it after the full marathon!

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