Daily Archives: October 5, 2017

Procrastination Before Vacation

In preparation for my upcoming long vacation, I have been procrastinating in the last couple of weeks trying to get things done so that I could have a worry-free break.  Managed to finish up work and head home for mid-autumn dinner with my parents tonight.  Rested a little and napped a couple of hours before packing my luggage overnight.  5:45am now and I’m more or less ready for my afternoon flight.

Didn’t even have enough time to properly plan this much anticipated month-long vacation to Canada, only thing I’ve scheduled to do is a half-marathon run in downtown Toronto on 22nd.  Besides that, I hope to spend more time meeting and catching-up with friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for more that 6 years since my last visit.  At times when my friends are busy, I may spontaneously do some short natural scenery trips and photograph the colourful Fall foliage, something I had never done for the 16+ years I lived in Canada.

Since this will be a considerably long vacation, I would probably still have a lot of time left besides running, seeing friends, and short scenic trips.  The idea of resident artist came to mind recently, it should be fun to set up a little art corner in my sister’s basement and indulge in art when there’s nothing better to do.  So I packed a lot of art supplies from my studio, will see how that goes!

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