don't remember since when updating my homepage has transformed into something like an annual event!! I was pretty much swamped with school work for the last 8 months or so, it should be understandable as to why I've never got the chance to spend some quality time to do a complete renovation of this site.

Currently, I'm working for my last co-op term in downtown Toronto. This time, I'm working for Photonics Research Ontario, involved with various projects in their Laser Machining Facility. It's really nice to be working back home in Toronto again, I haven't stayed in Toronto for more than 2 weeks continuously since my work term with Rare Medium Inc. 3 years ago!!

Now that I live with my sister and my new brother-in-law, I never have to worry about dinner or lunch, and not to mention the money I would save on rent this term!! It's just TerRiFic!! With more personal time this term, I can devote myself into some of the things I've been craving to do, and that includes doing a total Re-design of this site!!    ::October 7, 2002::